Spring Is Here!


We received a wonderful April shower today! I know it’s just March! It was exactly what all the plants needed that are trying to wake up from that crazy winter we had. OK, I live in Houston, Texas so my winter wasn’t as crazy as your’s, but still…
We aren’t used to 20 degrees for several days in a row! After last year’s really cold weather, we decided to plant a tropical garden. I have always wanted one and dear hubby finally said ‘yes’.  I mean, after all, there is no way we would have back to back record cold winters. Right?  Ha!
So, we lost a lot of the tropicals. Well, not totally…. A lot of them are coming back from the roots. But, we lost a whole bunch of top growth.

Queen Palm...not so Regal now!

Canna lilies

Don't remember what this was!


Saturday, we went to The Antique Rose Emporeum. It’s a great place… (more about that tomorrow) We bought some yellow rose bushes to go with the beautiful pink ‘Belinda’s Dream’ that we already have. We planted them on Sunday and then got the glorious rain today… The garden is on it’s way to recovery!


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