Antique Rose Emporium


The Antique Rose Emporium in Independence is a wonderful place! Not only do they have tons of roses to choose from, they have all the other plants you want, too!  One of the things I love most about it, is that it is a lot like an arboretum.  They have lots of plants in the ground, so whenever you go, you can see what is in season.  It’s also very casually planted…some plants self-sow and others are perennials that come back every year.  Not a formal garden at all.  And they have some of the cutest whimsical stuff!

Colorful Bottle Tree

This is a cute little church where they have weddings sometimes.  You can see a cemetary in the foreground. But this isn’t just any cemetary…

Take a closer look….

Closer still and you will see what I mean!

I get a kick out of these ‘headstones’ every time we come here!

 There is always a ton of stuff blooming…

Today there were some beautiful poppies!

I love the Terracotta  Man.  He is too cute!

The bees were all over the poppies!  I think they were enjoying the beautiful sunshine…

Now….If you follow the yellow brick road (yes, there really is one here!) you will see…

The Tin Man! Right here in Texas…Looks like he stole Dorothy’s  bike….

And here is Dorothy’s cute little Toto!

We had such a wonderful day!


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