My Bead Soup Creations!


Hope you are having fun visiting everyone’s blog and checking out their jewelry.

This was really a challenge for me….I don’t work with beads very often…I’m more of a ‘found objects’ kind a gal!

My partner Lisa sent me lots of beautiful beads…. I bet I tried 20 different ways to use them all, but I just couldn’t make it work.  So I chose just a select few and I had much better luck.  The focal is a cute pewter dolphin jumping over a large crystal.  I added a gunmetal (black) filigree piece (from my stash) to the back of it.  I like mixing metals in my pieces…I also decided to use gunmetal chain.

I loved the turquoise crystal beads. The hammered pewter square finding were really nice but  I wanted to change them up a little, so I added a bead in the middle and surrounded the bead with seed beads.  Those tiny things are hard to handle, but I was determined to use at least o few of them!I added a little surprise to the back of the necklace…a dangle of ‘water drop’ beads hanging from the hammered pewter clasp.  It will look pretty hanging down your back.

I’ve shown you bits and pieces…..

Here is the whole necklace.

I really wanted to use the abalone shell I received, but I couldn’t make it work for the necklace.  So, I made some earrings using the abalone, blue crystals, ‘water drop’ beads and some brass filigree from my stash (another different metal).  I think they turned out very nice.

Thanks for stopping by.

If you get a chance, please stop by my Etsy Shop.  It’s a little bare right now, but I hope to be adding more items soon!

Sorry my photos aren’t better…. I working on trying to improve them…

Be sure to check out my partner’s shop.  Lisa did a lovely job with the goodies I sent to her.  See her work here.


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  1. That turned out great. I love the little dangle on the back of the necklace and the Dolphin pendant looks wonderful with the filigree behind it. The earrings are too cute, also.

  2. OMGoodness…your soup is DELICIOUS my Friend!!! I adore your design, it’s truly stunning! Well done, another AMAZING cup of BEAD SOUP from a very talented designer!!! 😉

  3. I love the layered pendant, and how COOL what you did with the Tierracast square — I’ve had a ton of those but never once but a bead in that hole! Well done!

    I hope you’ll join me next time — the blog badge and dates are up on my blog now.

    Love, Lori

  4. Beautiful! I’m so glad you pointed out all the little features… each one of them is such a delight, but especially the dangling water crystals at the back of the necklace. It’s the little details which count the most!

  5. I am so sorry for being so late my computer was resisting too labor intensive:^)Very nice designs. And there is still time to sign up for the give-away, Just go to Sept.16th blog and leave a comment
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  6. I really enjoyed my visit here. You were very inventive with your bead soup mix. Both on the necklace and earrings which turned out beautifully. So very clever and how brilliant was that to use the toggle as a connector with and adding a bead to the center. Nothing has to stay they way we get it. Esp. in the hands of a brilliant designer. Soup-er Job!

  7. For someone that’s not used to working with beads often, you did a really great job. There’s so very much I like about your necklace: your insertion of the bead into the metal squares, wrapping the seed beads around THAT bead, and the water drops running down. It’s all so lovely. Well done!

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