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Bead Soup


I’ve been working on my Bead Soup ingredients.
I think I may make more than one piece!

Just a reminder to check out Lisa’s shop

15% off everything and she has beautiful things!


Shaking Things Up


I’m working on my blog’s appearance… I wasn’t really happy with the theme I had.

I like some things about this one….but, not the background picture and color. Now, I know you are saying… But, Monica, that’s all you see! I know, I know… What I really like about this theme is the way the titles of the blog are highlighted…looks like brush strokes, or torn paper.

I’ve got to work on a new picture for my background.

Then I’ll have to get my 24 year old son to help me set it up.

So, it’s a little WILD right now, but it will calm down in a few days (hopefully)

Stay tuned…